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Warning over faulty Lidlington rail crossing


A level crossing where a man died in January has developed a fault, preventing its barrier from closing.Bedfordshire Police urged drivers to “use caution” at the Marston Road crossing near Lidlington until it could be closed to traffic for repairs.A spokeswoman said they had received reports of people ignoring the junction’s flashing warning lights.A man died in January when the car he was in was hit by a London Midland train at the same crossing.A nearby resident, who did not wish to be named, said at the time “people try to dodge the barriers”.”People always try to jump it because they can’t wait for the train to come through,” he added.The crossing features what Network Rail described as a “half barrier”, where only part of the road is blocked off.This section of railway line is used by about 36 trains and 1,200 vehicles each day. Trains can pass through at up to 60mph (96kph).

Source: BBC Bucks