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Ware furniture warehouse to be demolished after fire


A furniture warehouse which went up in flames is set to be demolished.The fire took hold at Deans Furnishers in Star Street in Ware, Hertfordshire, on 31 August and left fears the building might collapse.The building, leased out to a private tenant, is owned by the county council. It has taken back possession of it and said it will be demolished next week.A Fire Service investigation into the cause is ongoing.Following the fire, Deans Furnishers owner Dean Ambridge said the building was now a “partial shell” and added: “It was my life”.Safe perimeterThe family furniture business opened in Star Street in 1976. A Hertfordshire County Council statement said: “While we appreciate that this is an unsettling time for the tenant owing to the impact of this fire on his business, we have now taken back possession of the building for the safety of local residents and the quickest resolution to the issues we are now facing.”Star Street has yet to re-open since the fire and “due to significant structural damage” the council said it would “ensure that a safe perimeter is put in place around the building”.”Once the building is demolished we will consider future options for the site based on statutory service need priority,” the statement continued.Over the weekend, specialist contractors are set to go on site. The council said it anticipates demolition work will begin next week.
Source: BBC Bucks