Home news 'Selfless heroes' pull two people 'on fire' from car

'Selfless heroes' pull two people 'on fire' from car


Two people have been rescued from a burning car by members of the public who potentially saved their lives.A car and a lorry caught fire after colliding on the M1 northbound carriageway between J6A and J7 near Hemel Hempstead on Wednesday.Two witnesses stopped and pulled the occupants, “who were on fire”, out of their burning car, police said.In a tweet, officers said the “heroic and selfless action” of the people who stopped had “undoubtedly saved lives”.Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue service sent five fire crews and said both the lorry and the car were well alight when they attended at 15:52 BST.East of England Ambulance Service said one person was taken to an urgent care centre and four or five other people were treated for less serious injuries.

Source: BBC Bucks