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Police 'may have to' break mosque footwear rules again


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A police force criticised for wearing shoes when attending a disturbance in a mosque “may well have no choice” but to do so again, a police commander said.Thames Valley Police was called out to Townfield Mosque, High Wycombe, during Friday prayers on 15 September.In their haste to stop the disturbance officers said they did not remove their shoes, as is required in a mosque.Supt Kevin Brown said officers will observe the custom “other than to intervene immediately to prevent harm”.’Prevent serious injury’As first reported by Bucks Free Press, police attended the mosque after reports of more than 200 people involved in a fracas outside the mosque and when they arrived they were alerted to “serious and potentially violent disturbances” inside.Mr Brown said his officers acted “positively” and entered the building “endeavouring to protect the sanctity of the mosque whilst trying to prevent serious injuries”.

However, their failure to remove their shoes provoked an angry response from some of the worshippers.Following the reaction, Mr Brown said he had a meeting with current and former mosque committee members where it was agreed the police “acted as would be expected by any member of the public calling them to respond to an emergency”.One eyewitness, Murtaza Ahmed, spoke to the BBC on Wednesday and said: “Everybody knows you don’t come with shoes in to a mosque, but as somebody called the police they had to come.”As a result of the disturbances, police are currently investigating a report of an assault.
Source: BBC Bucks