Home news Police dog chases suspect over two miles near Baldock

Police dog chases suspect over two miles near Baldock


A police dog chased a suspect for about an hour across two miles of countryside before the man emerged from a bush and gave himself up.Elroy Samuel, 26, of Boscombe Court, Letchworth failed to stop for police when he was driving a BMW on the A507 at Baldock on 26 September.He then crashed into another car and ran off.Hertfordshire Police have now released footage from the police dog handler’s body camera.Samuel was arrested near Stotfold in Bedfordshire and jailed for two years at Cambridge Crown Court earlier this month for six motoring offences:aggravated vehicle taking
dangerous driving
using a vehicle without insurance
driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence
failing to stop after a road traffic accident
failing to stop for police
The driver of the other car, a Nissan, was unhurt when Samuel hit him on Norton Mill Lane, which goes under the A1.For more stories for Beds and Herts, visit the counties’ BBC Local Live page
Source: BBC Bucks