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Home hunt for human-company craving dove


A home is being sought for a hand-reared dove that “may well think it actually is a human”.The dove, named Nancy, was found by Imdad Sardharwalla and taken to a local vet after being abandoned at birth.Once strong enough, she was set free but only made it as far as a house two doors away from the surgery.After making herself at home on the cooker, homeowner Rachel Lucken and others took to Facebook to find a permanent safe aviary for the bird.Mrs Lucken had spotted the dove being closely watched by cats in her garden after it was released from its aviary at the vet’s on Sunday.More news from Hertfordshire

After putting the photo on Facebook another neighbour, Charlotte Page offered to look after the bird, also posting images.”I think as it was hand-reared it basically doesn’t want to be free and is craving human company,” Mrs Page said.Mr Sardharwalla recognised Nancy’s pictures and is leading the hunt for a more suitable permanent home.Nancy meanwhile is being cared for at the vet’s once more.

Dr Viola Ross-Smith, from the British Trust for Ornithology, said: “Some species of birds can imprint on the first thing they see, in this case maybe it was a human.””The dove may well think it actually is a human,” she added.
Source: BBC Bucks