Home news Former grammar school pupil says he made 'wrong choice' joining terrorist organisation

Former grammar school pupil says he made 'wrong choice' joining terrorist organisation


A former High Wycombe grammar school pupil who is believed to have joined ISIS has told national media he spent most of time in terrorist territory “playing PlayStation and riding his bike” – and says he made the “wrong choice” in joining the organisation.
Shabazz Suleman left Wycombe’s prestigious Royal Grammar School (RGS) in May 2014 when he went on exam leave for his A Levels, and is believed to have joined ISIS in the same year.
In his first face-to-face interview since being detained in Syria for allegedly trying to flee Islamic State, he told Sky News he had doubts about the Islamic extremists around five months after joining them.

The 22-year-old allegedly admitted he had been given weapons training and was sent to fight on the Iraqi border, but says he did not take part in battles or even fire a shot.
He told the news outlet he tried to quit IS and was put in jail until he gave in and agreed to stay – and asked for a role that kept him away from fighting.
Although he was transferred to the Military Police, he told Sky News he was “mostly office-bound” playing games on his laptop.
When asked by a reporter if he saw himself as a terrorist, he reportedly said: “No – it’s very weird. You think of a terrorist as someone with a mask and sword cutting off people’s heads.
“I was relaxing, hiding in Raqqa quietly, playing PlayStation or going around on bike rides – normal life in ISIS territory trying to evade ISIS checkpoints.”
He also supposedly expressed a desire to return home to Bucks and “get on with my life” but fears he will face a long prison sentence and regrets causing his family worry.
He said: “I feel like I’ve just caused them pain. They’re always worried. I regret what I put my family through – I wish I could redeem myself for that as well.”
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