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Film armourer gave illegal imitation guns to directors


An armourer has admitted illegally owning imitation guns he supplied to film directors.John Lewis, 66, of Croxley View, Watford, provided weapons for movies including 2016 British film Mob Handed.St Albans Crown Court heard police in a raid found two antique weapons shorter than pens among other blank firearms.The prosecution accepted he was not holding them for criminal purposes but were concerned they could have fallen into the wrong hands.Lewis pleaded guilty to illegally possessing firearms and to possessing cannabis with intent to supply.He was given a 15-month jail sentence suspended for 21 months and ordered to pay £750 in costs.’Reliable and charming’Mob Handed’s director Liam Galvin told Judge Stephen Warner that Lewis was always concerned for the safety of actors. “He is reliable, charming and well-loved,” he said.”He is very professional. I would employ him at any given opportunity.”Prosecutor Martin Mulgrew told the court that as well as the two small antique weapons, officers found other small pistols and a .22 rifle in the search of his council flat in Colborne House on 14 March 2016.Mr Mulgrew said: “They were all blank firearms, not real firearms.”The prosecution is concerned they could have fallen into wrong hands and could have been reactivated. We accept he was not holding them for criminal purposes.”Cannabis was also discovered in plastic tubs along with bags and scales.Nicholas Doherty, representing Lewis, said the guns were not being supplied to criminals.”All of the items were owned by the defendant and he was the armourer (for films),” he said.He said Lewis was in poor health and used cannabis for medicinal purposes.Judge Stephen Warner told him: “Firearms offences are serious. Those weapons in the wrong hands can be used with lethal effect.”
Source: BBC Bucks