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Dealer who supplied drug that killed Bedford teen jailed


A teenage girl started fitting and died after taking MDMA in her own home, a court heard.Luna Alves, 17, was among a group of teens who fell ill after taking the drug in Bedford earlier this year.A second teenage girl was found being violently sick at the property, while a third suffered a seizure in McDonald’s.Matthew Duggan-Hill, of Chaucer Road, Bedford, was jailed at Luton Crown Court for four years for supplying the Class A drug.The 21-year-old had previously pleaded guilty to two offences of supplying a Class A drug, one of possessing a class a drug with intent and a fourth charge of possessing cannabis.He appeared for sentence via video link.Prosecutor Nigel Ogborne told the court how on 27 May an ambulance had been called to the home of Miss Alves in Bedford High Street.She had started fitting after taking the drug that had been bought earlier from Duggan-Hill.’Deeply sorry’A number of other young people were found at the address. Four of them were taken to hospital.The court was told police discovered the MDMA had been bought by one of the group earlier in the evening in an alleyway close to Bedford Railway Station.An examination of the phone records of the girl who had bought the drugs showed the dealer she met had the street name “Banging Dizz Bedford”.Police traced the number to Duggan-Hill.At the time of the offence he had been subject to a 22-week suspended prison sentence for sending a malicious communication.Jane Anderson, defending, said Duggan-Hill was “deeply sorry” for the death of the girl.Judge Lynn Tayton also activated 16 weeks of the suspended sentence to run consecutively.
Source: BBC Bucks