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Corkscrew charge footballer 'could be in Ireland'


A non-league footballer accused of threatening opposition fans with a corkscrew is thought to be in Ireland, police said.Aidan Chaves, 26, admitted possession of an offensive weapon but failed to appear in September for the restart of his Stevenage Magistrates’ Court trial.It had been adjourned to decide if he had made threatening comments to fans while playing for Sawbridgeworth Town.Hertfordshire Police said officers now think he is in the County Laois area.The force said it would be working with police in Ireland.Mr Chaves denied screaming threats at Clacton supporters during an Essex Senior League match in March.’Cut throat threat’The court case was put on hold in July when magistrates were told he had faced derogatory remarks from the fans of the opposing team, including songs about his skill as a player, his tattoos and his mother.One fan is said to have spat on him as he prepared for a throw-in, and the court heard Mr Chaves ran to the changing room and emerged carrying a broken corkscrew, allegedly screaming: “Come here. I’m going to cut your throat.”

He pleaded guilty to a charge of having an offensive weapon in a public place in July, but the court was told he entered the plea on the basis that he had not uttered the threats that had been referred to by the prosecution.The case was adjourned by magistrates but he failed to return to the court for the next hearing.Mr Chaves, whose address at the aborted September hearing was given as in Port Laoise in Ireland, also faces another charge of possessing an offensive weapon and two of failing to surrender.Following the incident Sawbridgeworth Town said a player’s registration had been terminated.
Source: BBC Bucks