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Adam Watt murder trial: Stab victim 'did not want to die alone'


A man who was stabbed after allegedly running off without paying for drugs begged neighbours to “please hold my hand”, saying he did not want to “die alone”, a court has heard.Adam Watt, 38, was attacked in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, in January and died later in hospital.Nicholas Grant, Joseph Zulu and Jacqueline Brewin deny his murder.St Albans Crown Court heard from neighbours who tried to save him immediately after he was stabbed.Earlier in the trial the jury heard Mr Watt was stabbed outside his Evans Wharf flat on 8 January after being confronted by drug dealers Mr Zulu, 23, of no fixed address, and Mr Grant, 18, of Sunnyhill Road in Hemel Hempstead.They had been driven close to his address by Ms Brewin, 47, of Sacombe Road, Hemel Hempstead, who then drove them away after the attack, the prosecutor said.More news from HertfordshireThe jury heard how Mr Watt woke neighbours Linda and John Fowler by banging on the door of their home.In a statement read in court Mrs Fowler said: “Adam said: ‘Please don’t leave me here to die. Please don’t leave me here.’ “I could see Adam on the floor. I could see blood on the wall.”Adam said: ‘Please hold my hand. I don’t want to die alone’.”The jury also heard as she tried to control the bleeding from Mr Watt’s chest wound, he begged her husband to collect a heroin stash from his flat – which Mr Fowler refused to do.Earlier in the trial the court heard Mr Watt became involved with hard drugs 10 years ago.The 38-year-old had also suffered from anxiety and depression and had been in a constant battle with addiction, his father said.It is alleged the accused confronted Mr Watt after he had either stolen money or run off with drugs without paying. Mr Zulu also denies conspiracy to supply drugs, but Mr Grant has pleaded guilty to that offence.
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